Trekking on Monti Sibillini

Less than an hour away from our facilities, you can reach the Monti Sibillini National Park, where you will find countless trails for hiking or simply enjoy the marvelous towns that stud the area.

In fact, the Park area offers several and various opportunities for those people who want  to discover its treasures in every season. The urban paths lead to the medieval corners of the towns situated at the foot of the Monti Sibillini, while pleasant walks bring into the rural and pastoral mosaic of life.

The contact with the wild nature and the magical world of the peaks, however, can be reached through more demanding excursions, which often require experience, training, and suitable equipment. The routes are completely marked but you can also rely on the competence of the official guides of the Park, who will reveal the hidden secrets of the Monti Sibillini in the safest way.

An unforgettable experience, finally, can be lived along the Great Ring of  Monti Sibillini, a 124 km hiking trail that is completely signaled and that, in nine days’ walk, allows you to discover the entire mountain range.

Among the most interesting itineraries, we can list:

Il Grande Anello dei Sibillini (The Great Sybilline Ring),

Sentiero Natura Montefortino ( Montefortino Nature trail)

Sentiero Natura Montemonaco ( Montemonaco Nature trail)

Sentiero Natura Forca di Presta ( Forca di Presta Nature trail)