Typical products of Abruzzo

Typical Products of Abruzzo. Abruzzo is a particular region because it has a large agricultural and pastoral tradition of its mountainous and hilly areas and an abundant variety of fish in the Adriatic Sea.

The olive tree draws the landscape of the whole territory showing the historical importance of this cultivation not only in the food tradition but mainly in the culture and life of people from Abruzzo.


Antipasti/ Appetizers
Antipasto alla giuliese
Antipasto di fegatini

Primi Piatti/ Main dishes
Fuje strascinite (sauteed verza or cabbage)
Patate ‘mporchettate (roasted potatoes)
Timballo di scrippelle ( a kind of lasagna)
I Cannelloni ( rolls of pasta stuffed with meet)
Le ceppe al sugo( pasta with tomato sauce)
Le Virtù ( vegetable soup with pasta)
Maccheroni alla chitarra (egg noodles with meatballs sauce)
Pappicci al pomodoro (short pasta with tomato sauce)
Ravioli dolci di ricotta (sweet ravioli with ricotaa cheese)
Scrippelle ‘mbusse (crepes with chicken broth)

Secondi Piatti/ Main dishes
Baccalà di Natale ( Christmas cod fish)
Cacio e ovo ( eggs and cheese balls)
Capra alla neretese (goat alla neretese)
La porchetta
Mazzarelle teramane
Tacchino alla canzanese ( turkey alla canzanese)
Arrosticini ( meat skewers)

Bocconotti ( kookies with jelly)
Caggionetti ( fried batter stuffed swith chestnuts dough)
Marrone di Valle Castellana
Pecorino Marcetto
Pecorino di Atri
Ventricina teramana
Miele locale
Tartufo della Laga
Arrosticini di pecora
La carne “marchigiana” IGP

The pretuziano extravirgin oil DOP from the hills of Teramo is one of the “excellence” of our territory: it has a greenish-yellow colour, a fruity odour and a fruity flavour of medium intensity, slightly bitter and spicy. It is obtained from Leccino, Frantoio and Dritta olives that must be present in the groves without exceeding 75%.



The territory of the Colline Teramane, that extends to the north of the region, is located between the altitudes of the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic coast. It is the setting for an amazing show of vineyards treated as wonderful gardens and the stage for the celebration of wines that have recently become famous and appreciated by wine lovers. First the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane.

It is an extraordinary wine, the result of the passion and the professionalism of the local growers who deserve the large recognition that the amateur world and the commercial one attribute to it both in Italy and abroad. Absolutely the first red wine in Abruzzo to achieve this important goal.

Throughout the district of the Colline Teramane, from Controguerra to Colonnella, from Sant’Omero to Ancarno, from Notaresco to Morro d’Oro and Atri, a particular structure of the soil and a favourable climate favourites the production of this wine with distinctive organoleptic sensations and well suited to ageing. It is a deep ruby red colour with slight purple hues, and a distinctive, ethereal, intense aroma; the flavour is dry, full, robust but smooth and velvety; the smell is the one of ripe red fruit and spices. It is a great wine that is a perfect match with grilled red meat, sauces and aged cheeses.

Local vines from Teramo

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Abruzzo native vine, present in the cultivation since 1700, although very often has been associated and confused with Sangiovese, from which it differs so …

According to the quotes this Vine   has been present,  especially in the province of Teramo (Montonico of Bisenti and Poggio delle Rose), since ,at least,  the last century in Abruzzo

Vine variety belonging to the family of Trebbiano, a native of the central regions of Italy. It is grown in small quantities in Abruzzo where he was …

Vine variety of uncertain origin, belonging to the same large family of Trebbiano, the  Aminee one. It has been  present since a long time in the central Italian regions…

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Belonging to the large family of Trebbiano, closer to the type Biancame, presents almost only in Abruzzo and some other limited range, …


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