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Abruzzo: a land of unique flavours
Among the activities to be carried out during your holiday in Abruzzo you can get involved in wine tourism, with visits, even guided, to the most famous wineries with wine tastings and typical products by reservation.
One Region
many flavours

The healthy nature of Abruzzo decisively influences the cuisine and food production of the region.

Those who want to take advantage of a trip to Abruzzo to stock up on good traditional products can buy oil, cheeses, wines, cured meats, honey, liqueurs and many other specialities. Whoever sits at the table can directly appreciate the flavors of a simple and genuine cuisine. The basic ingredients of typical Abruzzo dishes are freshness, authenticity, simplicity and abundance.

It is a unique experience due to the presence of the variety of products that the area offers and the passion for food and wine that can be breathed everywhere in the Abruzzo Region.

The Wine Roads Controguerra, from the name of the DOC of the same name, start from Alba towards Colonnella to finish in Controguerra, Torano Nuovo and Sant’Omero.

The presence of small medieval villages to visit when you go towards the coast is suggestive. From mid-September, tourists will be able to take part in the Open Cellars in Vendemmia event and also assist in the winemaking phases at many famous cellars in the area; the event also continues on San Martino and at Christmas with the tasting of the new wine.

There are many typical dishes of the region and among the most famous is the Arrosticino: a thin skewer of mutton cooked over charcoal; this food is present in any festival or popular celebration in the region.

Other typical dishes of the Abruzzo region are: The Bocconotti, which are found in many regional pastry shops and have a filling of toasted almonds, cocoa, sugar, lemon, cinnamon and cooked must.

Le Ceppe, one of the best homemade pastas from Abruzzo ever. These are served with the classic mixed meat sauce and resemble a kind of macaroni with a hole.

Maccheroni alla chitarra, a typical dish from Abruzzo obtained from pasta worked by hand with a rolling pin until obtaining sheets and then passed with light pressure on a tool in wood and metal called “guitar”; the sauce is usually a sauce with small balls of meat.

Mazzarelle, a masterpiece of Teramo cuisine made from striped offal in a bed of endive leaves, spinach, chard, fresh onion and garlic, marjoram and parsley; the vegetables are then wrapped around the filling with the casings.

Brodetto di Pesce, colored fish soup of fresh tomato with scampi, seafood, cuttlefish, cod, red mullet, scorpion fish, dogfish, skate, mullet, weever. Sole and other minor species.

Scrippelle m’busse, pancakes made with flour and eggs, browned and then sprinkled with Parmesan and then drowned in a nice hot chicken broth.</ p>

Very famous is the Zafferano dell’Aquila DOP, a spice obtained from the collection and drying of the stigmas of a typical Abruzzo flower. This spice is used above all to make risotto but also for other Abruzzo recipes such as dishes with lamb or sheepmeat, in desserts, cheeses and dairy products.

holidays in Abruzzo:
between the sea and the mountains
Anthos Casa Vacanze Relais is the ideal location for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday by the pool or on the nearby beaches, and for nature lovers and mountain excursions
Activities and itineraries

Abruzzo, among hidden hermitages, unspoiled landscapes, ancient villages, beaches and peaks to climb, offers what we could define as a "complete package", intended for a wide audience

The best Italian cuisine can be tasted in the restaurants Abruzzo , accompanied by prestigious wines that the area offers. A land to be discovered and many ancient food and wine traditions
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